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Hydraulic Fracturing or Fracking

The US discovered a new drilling technique called Hydraulic Fracturing or Fracking to increase production of oil and at the same time lower its price in the market given that the demand is also ever-increasing while supply is declining. Since, discoveries of oil outside US become harder and conventional drilling is becoming less successful, the urge to pursue fracking is finely tuned even if disadvantages weighed more than its advantage (Adams, 2015).

The Big Five energy majors namely- BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell and Total- proved that oil reserves really dropped to 78.6 billion barrels from 80 billion barrels. However, these majors are not the most efficient explorers of the said reserves (Adams, 2015).

For that reason, fracking would be the most efficient way to solve the problem. According to the market research firm Luz Research, fracking could increase the world’s petroleum supplies for the coming years to 10.2 trillion barrels (Woody, 2013). In this way, since supply and price is inversely related with each other, most likely the oil price would trim down.

To begin with, fracking is when chemical-laced water is injected to break up subterranean rock formations to extract oil and natural gas (Woody, 2013). Along with it is the Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) from solar-powered steam injection to the use of microorganism in order to extend the life of oil fields and gain access to unconventional petroleum reserves like oil sands.

However, the downsides of the said technique are as follow— There have been environmental issues with regards to the use of water, pollution and climate change. First, the technique is contested and suspected to divert the essential purpose of water. Second, carbon extraction of fossil fuels would result to pollution and climate change.

In contrast to that is the advantage of fracking to the supply and price of oil in the market. Recent oil price in US fell after US inventories increased by 8.9 million barrels- the highest for this time of year for at least past 80 years. Oil prices had fallen according to a report from the US government’s energy statistics agency. By late trading, the US crude market Nymex March West Intermediate was now $44.08 from the previous price of $44.53 (Crooks, 2015).

Oil prices have fallen rapidly since the relentless output growth of US and sustained OPEC production coincided resulting to a slowdown in global demand (Hornby & Raval, 2015). But, the world’s largest oil importer which is China has been unable to take advantage of low international crude prices because of insufficient storage capacity which is another problem to be solved (Hornby & Raval, 2015).

The shift in the asset should lead to a more stable cash flows, said analyst (Adams, 2015). In addition to that, effect of crude price fall in the US is quite overwhelming, resulting to a raise in their sold shares worth $10.8 billion (Crooks, 2015). Moreover, bankers said the ability to raise equity capital signals continued investor interest in the sector in spite of the oil price slump (Crooks, 2015).

In conclusion, fracking is indeed effective in reducing the price of oil. Nevertheless, we cannot affirm that this technique would be widely accepted since opposing views are to be sure to result to other problems. But economically, it has positively affected oil price in the market.

Whimsical Indeed

I’m a hopeless romantic. I know better. But let me emphasize Hopeless coz I’m a bit hopeless when it comes to finding a romantic person to love.

He sucked at being a suitor and so at being a boyfriend. How stupid I can be to have my hopes fly a thousand miles above the sky for him. You’re worthless. Little did I know that life is a bit ironic? You don’t always get what you want and that’s a bitch slap of life to every living soul.

I put on my black skinny jeans, white v-neck shirt and paired it with my comfy strappy heels. I finished the whole of me with a lip and cheek tint and tie my hair in messy high bun. That works for me and I’m now flamboyantly ready to crash whoever comes my way. Just kidding though.

I’m feeling disoriented from last night’s fight. I know I should have handled these things pretty well now. This is our forte. We’re oh so good in getting on each other’s nerves.

“What the heck!! I called you to accompany me here not to be my baby to baby-sit at!” I’m supposedly holding back my anger but in a matter of seconds I half shouted in front of his friends. Even though the music is too loud you can see creases in my forehead and a fire about to burn the whole place in hell.

“Hey. Hey. Isn’t that supposed to be true? I’m your baby. Just cool down, will you sweetie?” he’s trying to act normal. I know him. He wanted to display how cool and awesome our relationship is. But smell the sarcasm when I say COOL Relationship coz we’re always hot-headed with each other about petty things.

“Oh you better shut the F up, Jason. We’re off here. Now, up we go,” I said in total annoyance. I’m in a real name basis when I’m not in the mood which is most of the time. I started heading the exit when he forcefully grabs my wrist.

“What is wrong with you woman?! You want me here, I came here. So what’s with the attitude? How could you embarrass me in front of our friends?!” now he’s boiling.

“For the record, they are YOUR friends not OURS. And second I brought you here to be my date but what are you doing? Leaving me in a hell of a table because you hell of a drink your shit out with YOUR friends. Isn’t that more embarrassing to me?!” I stride past him and walk straight to the parking lot.

The only good thing about him is that he still drives me home and opens the car door for me even though we’re on a steamy fight.  A minute later, I hear him pacing towards my direction and open the car door for me then. A complete gentleman with his flaring nose and heated head too. I fasten my seatbelt then he started the engine and we’re off. We live in the same apartment since he finished his college and have his trainings but as for me, I’m currently in my last year in my own chosen career, a finance management.

Our love story wasn’t those you’ve read in novels and harlequin series. It’s actually a total misfortune for us to be in love with each other while being stuck in our own sickening partners prior to us of course. *This is a bit of a back-track. *wink wink.* I don’t know how this whole whimsical thing happened. All I know is that we’re now together and we’re killing each other softly. A sound cheesy but it’s more like literally. Oops! Careful with your thoughts their sweeties because we still don’t hurt each other physically not him of course, just me when I throw pillow at him or kick him away from me in our bed whenever I’m infuriated of him. So going back to our small back-track, he really sucked at being a suitor. I should’ve been his first girlfriend. Yes! You’ve read it right, FIRST girlfriend. But I’ve said he sucked! He more often the not get scared to confess his feelings to me. Star-struck, I understand that. LOL. But hell no! he had all the chance in the world as in many chances that he can tell me everything. We had overnights and stress-free trips together like only the two of us but nothing. So instead of an US, another girl stood up for him like SHE stood up for HIM.

“Jay? Uhm. Can we talk? I mean if you’re free and if it isn’t a bit trouble for you? i. i. uhm. I just want to tell.. uhm.,” she hardly finished her sentence. Gosh! What’s with this silly girl?

“Uhm. Excuse me, little girl? If you want to talk to him, can you just please stop stuttering coz it’s a bit irksome,” I sounded like a jealous girlfriend. That’s creepy but anyways I can’t help it. She’s stuttering and like eat-talking.

“Hailey, stop that,” Jay managed to stop me without bursting into laughs. I know what he’s thinking. Idiot.

“Just telling the truth, honey” I raised an eyebrow; flip my hair and walks out of their way. It’s pathetic to stay in there.

“Hey, hey! Wait.. I’m coming with you. Hey, wait Hailey. Uhm? Miss? I don’t know you yet but sure if it’s important of you to talk to me, I’m free at lunch and I can meet you at the lobby in the 3rd floor I guess? Is it okay with you?” Jay is always the good guy even to stranger. I guess he wasn’t taught of, “Don’t talk to strangers” thing.

The little girl just timidly nods and run away. What’s with that little missy? I just shrug and turn to Jay.

“Heyyo! Wanna come or you gonna stay there and imma glue you there, mister?” I can’t help my sarcasm. He’s eyes was still looking at where the lil girl stands a while ago.

“ha? Ah, nothing. I’m coming of course.” He was like possessed. Weird.

“What’s with the awe-struck look? You look like a dog, you know” I was kidding. Okay? He looks handsome when he’s dumbfounded. But hell I’m gonna say that to his face. This one’s so full of his self. I know too well coz we’re this close ________. Imagine? Like no spaces in between. But I guess after that day, our friendship became like this _,_,___,_ . It’s with little spaces in between because of that which little girl. Oh! Or I must call, cat witch. He stole my best friend. I became a loner for a year. I wasn’t jealous of course.  I know no one told me that, but I just feel like pointing it out coz I’m hurt, deeply cut. So I’ve decided to enjoy my crappy junior high when he’s on his senior and ready to graduate. I went out with new bunch of friends but I know ours was irreplaceable. Was it like that to him too? I don’t know and I don’t want to bother to know. He’s happy with Kimmy. How did I know? No one’s brave enough to PDA in school grounds, just them. The whore she is! Urgh. Really there’s no age limit to being a pro in kinkiness.

“Get a room, please!” I half shouted in the cafeteria and the bunch of cheerleaders laugh whiles others burying their faces to hide the im-so-gonna-laugh-at-this-witty-statement.

“I bet, someone’s been jealous.” Eew. The sound of her voice seem so raspy it’s like they just had sex. How horrid. I wanna puke.

A lot of spectators are waiting for my witty reply but none. I stood up and just ran to the nearest wash room I can manage. I saw Jay with creased forehead and he started getting after me but his slutty girl stopped her. I puke the whole of my stomach and I’m just confused as ever. My mind is battling whether I puked because of the sound of her voice or because of the thought of the two, sexing. I know it’s inevitable. But as much as possible I stride that thought at the back of my head. I’m starting to become oblivious or I’m the one making myself oblivious of the obvious things that could be happening. But how come he never told me. I’m his best friend. His only GIRL best friend. I did not notice that I was now crying and crystal tears are staring to drench my uniform. As TFIOS would say, “that’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt.” But what is really causing the pain. I don’t know. And I don’t want to know at all coz it’s scaring me.

“Hail? Are you there? Hail? Just answer me if you’re there. I’m worried.” I sob some more. He’s not Jay but he is worried of me. I couldn’t make up my mind of who is really the man behind this sexy voice. Ahm? Did I just say Sexy? Funny how I can make myself look funny when I’m down.

“Hail!!! Open up, please. Hush already. I’m here. Will you open up? I’m Ethan,” how’d he know I don’t know his name? is he some sort of mind reader? I don’t know. Now heavy pounding on the door startled me.

“Hey! Hey! Did someone told you about personal space? And for heaven’s sake, this is a Girl’s bathroom. You’re not supposed to be barging in,” I wrinkled my nose and wipe my face then open up the door. I think I want the toilet to flush me now. As in right in this moment. This guy is son of a god. Oh no! How will I resist those questioning angelic eyes? Those are green eyes. The ones my favourite book character had. Harry Potter. And then he smiled that flashy smile. You sure, his worried of me? I’m going to quick-melt this instant. He scratches the back of his neck and smile feeling bashful.

“Are you done checking me out, Hail?” huh! This demigod is flirting with me.

“Excuse me?” I raised one eyebrow at him.

“Oh no. I was just fooling around. Please don’t start crying again, please please. Pweeetty, pwweaase?” Did he just baby talk and talk gobbledegook at all? Ohhh. I can’t help but laugh my heart out in front of this guy in the most unlikely place in the world, Girl’s bathroom. I wiped a streak of tears from my eyes, tears of joy mind you.

“You’re in tears because of too much happiness, right? Coz I resent it if you cry. I don’t want you to cry.” He looks and talks seriously and so my laugh slowly fades away. I smiled at him patting his shoulders.

“No worries, big guy. I’m okay now. And thanks to you. So are we out of here? Coz this place a bit awkward for you, and we’ve monopolizing the space here for a long time I guess,” I stated matter of fact then lead the way.

“How’d you know my name, by the way? And who are you?” I was straight to point, I’m curious the hell they care.

“You don’t really know how to ask politely, don’t you?” Uh! The guts of this guy.

“Actually, I wasn’t used to that so mind if you stop the complaints and answer me now,” I hit back.

“I like you. You know what you want, and you’re not hitting around the bush.” Is he sort of confessing or telling me he’s witty with his choice of words?

“Is that supposed to mean, YOU’RE checking me out?” oh! Crap that, cooperation. I just flirted back with this demigod. He chuckled.

“Is it too obvious of me?” Now, he’s being serious with his expression again. I’m puzzled.

“Actually, Mr. Ethan? You’re not answering my question. Who are you? I mean you’re an athlete, nerd, introvert, average guy? And how did you know my name?” I did not falter, I asked directly and I want an answer so I made a serious face too. Huh! You think you can only do that? I can do that too. He scratches the back of his neck again, which I think he does when he’s shy and nervous.

“Uhm? I’m a football player. I’m the goal keeper of the team. And to your second question, I know you since the start of our high school. We’re batch mates,” I open my mouth to speak up then close it again. I became conscious immediately. I was struck that I barely know any guys in school except for some of my classmates, neighbour and Jay. My high school revolved around our bond until the evil witch step into the picture. I am sorry, really sorry for being so unmindful of other things or people around me.

“Uhm? Hi. Can we start all over again? I’m Hailey Williams. I’m from the 2nd section. And you are?” I smiled broadly and he’s as confused as a baby but holds out my hands too.

“I’m Ethan Rod Anderson, the goalie and I’m from the 3rd section.” We hand shake and walks through the cafeteria.

“I know you’re hungry so you better eat up.” He’s so caring. Aww.. I think lady Hailey is starting to have a little crush in here. I push the thought at the back most of my head and sits down. Ethan volunteered to buy the food for me as if I’m so fragile. Geez.

Who knew that day would be a start for me? No one, coz no one minds at all.