Anecdote of an Antidote


I almost died. But I don’t know why? I don’t know what happened? I can vaguely remember every single word uttered. But I can recall the pain I had inside that pit hole. They almost ate me alive. I was afraid. I was angry. I was emotional. I was hysterical. I couldn’t do this anymore. There was gnashing of teeth. There was torment. They were all demon possessed through a poison. I was mere child silenced of the doubts and query and anger and outrage. It was all noise. I couldn’t do this anymore.

As a child, you almost wish to play and be free from all the nightmares of the world. You always thought of sweet dreams and cotton-candy lands. You’ll have your superhero saving the day to a monster. And that would be your dad. He is your hero while mom is the queen. But who would have thought that all of it was just a dream and extremely illusion? You will never have that, that’s barely possible to our young girl. She is your damsel in distress. The pauper. Your Cinderella. How can this world become so cruel and hurt a precious little girl? She wasn’t alone in the battle with the monster actually. She got a friend and an adult with her. The three suffered for almost 20 years of her existence. Once the monster drunk the antidote, everything becomes black and grey. They are all doomed. Lucky girl to have live that long, the monster never left them. He was sincerely good to them whenever he’s fortunate and brought home a penny. But when the adult started asking for some to be spent at home for the girls and for their food, there the monster gone wild and feisty. His eyebrows would meet at the center and he’ll drag his feet out of the house to get his antidote. The girls would tremble in fear. What will happen to our poor girls? Past midnight and they’ll hear pounding at the door. Brave soul would go out and push the door open to meet the worst nightmare ever. Hello was not enough; a slap was good to go. That’s the password for him. And chaos and despair entered the entire place, throwing, shouting, tremor, intense clamor. Our little girls begun to cry in rhythm but the adult was brave enough to endure. She’s the strongest among the three. But hidden inside, she’s suffering in intensity. The torment was never ending until one of the girls became near insane. She wanted to die, she done that many times not just once. But this time, she’s in doubt. She have a lot of questions bugging inside her little head, death, despair, chaos, what now?

Never did they know that our precious little girl is soon to be gone. Will it be now? It’s yet to be discovered. The anecdote of the antidote doesn’t have an ending yet, since the battle and journey is still roughly undone. We’ll see.


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