only 1 of its kinds…

Roses are red, violets are blue,

What the hell happened to you,

You thought violet can be blue?

Never in the world would it be true.

You’re friendly and I’m not,

You’re tacky and I’m freaking not,

How did you do that?

I hell sure won’t know.

Damn precious you are than anyone,

How can you be this cruel and not be mine,

I could die just to have you,

But I guess you’ll send your condolences if that would be true.

Girl, give me some love and I’ll show you the world,

Give me some chance and I’ll prove you my worth,

Give me some time and I’ll bestow you delight,

Please girl, I appeal to you to spare me some eye.

Are you done with your blabber?

Coz I have no time for this,

These are all false hopes you’re giving,

Coz you’re just about to catch me on a hook.

Oh boy, didn’t you know?

I’m branded as distinctive,

I am never your ordinary girl,

-For I am called, “Only one of its kinds.”


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