The Art of Social Media to Prima Donna





People now are too main stream. You got a problem? Go online. Hit the keyboard and click post.

Get as much followers and likers to get the sympathy or rather attention you always wanted.

Attention disorder I often diagnose to these kinds of people. They are those who do not lack or less gratified with attention.

But they are those who are overly gratified with it. They want more. There is greed and gluttony of having more and more attention.

There is a beast inside their head that whispers to them that they should have more. Pity those who let that beast rule over their life.


Let’s go back to the use of social media. At the present time, who posted first are the ones who we quote the victims.

But what seems lacking to their sentiments in facebook, twitter or blogs is substance just as their mind lack substance.

They just tell how awful they felt not even digesting the fact of their lack of commonsense on what truly happened. They are now irrational being living in a rational world. They conceal the fact to look like a pitiful victim. But the truth is they are victim of their own irrationality.


Take it as an example a guy I knew somewhere. He was not an only child, he got siblings but then he was never deprived of attention from his family. He actually has most of the attention from both parents. He likes this? Sure he can have after some whining. But that did not stop there. It went on and on until he hit tertiary education. Sounds too childish but yes that’s right. During tertiary, you are expected to live out of town to get the “best” education in the city. And that also means you should live their alone by yourself. But he was lucky to have relatives over there. He settled with them so he can easily adjust to his new environment. But the question lies still. Was it a smart move? Or a dumb one?

First few months he was fine. He manages to become accustomed to the city life. But unknown to his relatives, he was hiding something. The beast. The beast never stopped inside him. In fact the beast too finds its feet to its new environment. And just as he was doing well with his new acquaintances, everything seemed to change drastically. He was not the goody-two-shoes guy anymore. He became someone else. The beast has run his life    again. “More attention. More. Moooooore!” That is how the sound shouted inside his head. He would go below the belt just to get the attention he wanted. If before whining to his parents would suffice the situation, now it’s more than that. He never cared about other people around him. He would step on the line; go beyond the limits of everybody else because that is how it works on him to get what he wants. And so his acquaintances are now keen on what his next move is. They became vigilant just to save themselves to the beast they used to help. Yes, they used to help.


So, how about you? Do you know someone? Do you have the same encounter as me? If yes, let’s join hand in hand to put an end to these beasts. The Prima Donna. The Attention Seeker. The spoiled brat. The show-off. The boaster. The bragger.


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