What did the nasty figure do to you?





Haven’t you noticed? Everything turned black to grey. No more red, pink and yellow. Everything dark and gloomy. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. What did you do?


Once upon a time, a long road from town a lady was humming and skipping. She was so delighted to see the trees and birds singing with the leaves and air. It was a fine afternoon indeed for our young lady. “What a marvelous day!” the young lady exclaimed. The curve on her face grew even wider as she walks deep into the big trees. But ignorant of the fact that the sky is starting to turned grey and the air begun to cold. She was indeed ignorant in bliss. She cracked a loud screech and all the birds flew out of the trees and she fell unto her knees. She slowly looked up and saw the greatest nightmare of her life. She saw a nasty figure before her with no words can ever describe. The nasty figure dragged her into the heart of the woods where a mini laboratory was found. It was all too vague to the young lady where they were at that moment. But she knew that something wicked is about to happen to her. She just cried and prayed on what might happen to her. The nasty figure placed her on a cage and started infusing some tube on the cage. The tubes were connected in a main system that calculates signal she doesn’t know where. But after a series of clicking of the nasty figure, she came into a conclusion that the signal is coming from her. The nasty figure then infused the tube to his head so they were now connected. The young girl is feeling weak and drained. It started from her head, it seems that the tube is sucking her happiness and everything is beginning to go black. Next is her heart, she felt a constricting pain in her heart, she felt broken and shattered. And slowly, the young girl became unconscious but she is still breathing in a slow pace. The nasty figure, jumped in glee.


What did he do to the young lady? What will happen to her? Only the One from above knows.


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