Before and After 9/11 by Nora Raleigh Baskin

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nine ten rev front cvrAnyone who knows even a little about the publishing business would understand that there could be no way, when conceiving of a new book project, to predict when it will see the light of day. So it wasn’t until my manuscript Nine, Ten was nearing publication that I realized that this year is actually the 15th anniversary of 9/11.

And that got me thinking.

Is there a length of time? A healing period that a society needs in order to process such an event? Does it take a certain distance to even begin to see it clearly? And does this come from respect? From fear? From incomprehension? All of the above?

There have, of course, been some notable examples.

In 2006, Oliver Stone released his film The World Trade Center. It got mostly positive reviews, but was anyone ready to see that film?

Joyce Maynard published The Usual Rules

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The Art of Social Media to Prima Donna





People now are too main stream. You got a problem? Go online. Hit the keyboard and click post.

Get as much followers and likers to get the sympathy or rather attention you always wanted.

Attention disorder I often diagnose to these kinds of people. They are those who do not lack or less gratified with attention.

But they are those who are overly gratified with it. They want more. There is greed and gluttony of having more and more attention.

There is a beast inside their head that whispers to them that they should have more. Pity those who let that beast rule over their life.


Let’s go back to the use of social media. At the present time, who posted first are the ones who we quote the victims.

But what seems lacking to their sentiments in facebook, twitter or blogs is substance just as their mind lack substance.

They just tell how awful they felt not even digesting the fact of their lack of commonsense on what truly happened. They are now irrational being living in a rational world. They conceal the fact to look like a pitiful victim. But the truth is they are victim of their own irrationality.


Take it as an example a guy I knew somewhere. He was not an only child, he got siblings but then he was never deprived of attention from his family. He actually has most of the attention from both parents. He likes this? Sure he can have after some whining. But that did not stop there. It went on and on until he hit tertiary education. Sounds too childish but yes that’s right. During tertiary, you are expected to live out of town to get the “best” education in the city. And that also means you should live their alone by yourself. But he was lucky to have relatives over there. He settled with them so he can easily adjust to his new environment. But the question lies still. Was it a smart move? Or a dumb one?

First few months he was fine. He manages to become accustomed to the city life. But unknown to his relatives, he was hiding something. The beast. The beast never stopped inside him. In fact the beast too finds its feet to its new environment. And just as he was doing well with his new acquaintances, everything seemed to change drastically. He was not the goody-two-shoes guy anymore. He became someone else. The beast has run his life    again. “More attention. More. Moooooore!” That is how the sound shouted inside his head. He would go below the belt just to get the attention he wanted. If before whining to his parents would suffice the situation, now it’s more than that. He never cared about other people around him. He would step on the line; go beyond the limits of everybody else because that is how it works on him to get what he wants. And so his acquaintances are now keen on what his next move is. They became vigilant just to save themselves to the beast they used to help. Yes, they used to help.


So, how about you? Do you know someone? Do you have the same encounter as me? If yes, let’s join hand in hand to put an end to these beasts. The Prima Donna. The Attention Seeker. The spoiled brat. The show-off. The boaster. The bragger.

What did the nasty figure do to you?





Haven’t you noticed? Everything turned black to grey. No more red, pink and yellow. Everything dark and gloomy. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. What did you do?


Once upon a time, a long road from town a lady was humming and skipping. She was so delighted to see the trees and birds singing with the leaves and air. It was a fine afternoon indeed for our young lady. “What a marvelous day!” the young lady exclaimed. The curve on her face grew even wider as she walks deep into the big trees. But ignorant of the fact that the sky is starting to turned grey and the air begun to cold. She was indeed ignorant in bliss. She cracked a loud screech and all the birds flew out of the trees and she fell unto her knees. She slowly looked up and saw the greatest nightmare of her life. She saw a nasty figure before her with no words can ever describe. The nasty figure dragged her into the heart of the woods where a mini laboratory was found. It was all too vague to the young lady where they were at that moment. But she knew that something wicked is about to happen to her. She just cried and prayed on what might happen to her. The nasty figure placed her on a cage and started infusing some tube on the cage. The tubes were connected in a main system that calculates signal she doesn’t know where. But after a series of clicking of the nasty figure, she came into a conclusion that the signal is coming from her. The nasty figure then infused the tube to his head so they were now connected. The young girl is feeling weak and drained. It started from her head, it seems that the tube is sucking her happiness and everything is beginning to go black. Next is her heart, she felt a constricting pain in her heart, she felt broken and shattered. And slowly, the young girl became unconscious but she is still breathing in a slow pace. The nasty figure, jumped in glee.


What did he do to the young lady? What will happen to her? Only the One from above knows.

Sentiment of a lonely soul





Another day has past and silence enveloped still. No ringing, no clicking, nothing was ever heard. This is not another ordinary day for us. This was beyond it. Will the silence pass? I don’t know. We both don’t know unless one stood up and swallow that big lump of pride. This was started with one small talk that ends up being a big mess. What happened to understanding? It all became ignorance in a snap. How could improvement have its way to our little symphony? It all became conflicting. I wish all of these will stop. I don’t know what I meant with all to stop. But I want it to stop. Because little did you know a parasite is eating me parts by parts.


What happened to forever? It didn’t come to be us together. Poor lonely soul once again drowned in a fantasy world.

Anecdote of an Antidote


I almost died. But I don’t know why? I don’t know what happened? I can vaguely remember every single word uttered. But I can recall the pain I had inside that pit hole. They almost ate me alive. I was afraid. I was angry. I was emotional. I was hysterical. I couldn’t do this anymore. There was gnashing of teeth. There was torment. They were all demon possessed through a poison. I was mere child silenced of the doubts and query and anger and outrage. It was all noise. I couldn’t do this anymore.

As a child, you almost wish to play and be free from all the nightmares of the world. You always thought of sweet dreams and cotton-candy lands. You’ll have your superhero saving the day to a monster. And that would be your dad. He is your hero while mom is the queen. But who would have thought that all of it was just a dream and extremely illusion? You will never have that, that’s barely possible to our young girl. She is your damsel in distress. The pauper. Your Cinderella. How can this world become so cruel and hurt a precious little girl? She wasn’t alone in the battle with the monster actually. She got a friend and an adult with her. The three suffered for almost 20 years of her existence. Once the monster drunk the antidote, everything becomes black and grey. They are all doomed. Lucky girl to have live that long, the monster never left them. He was sincerely good to them whenever he’s fortunate and brought home a penny. But when the adult started asking for some to be spent at home for the girls and for their food, there the monster gone wild and feisty. His eyebrows would meet at the center and he’ll drag his feet out of the house to get his antidote. The girls would tremble in fear. What will happen to our poor girls? Past midnight and they’ll hear pounding at the door. Brave soul would go out and push the door open to meet the worst nightmare ever. Hello was not enough; a slap was good to go. That’s the password for him. And chaos and despair entered the entire place, throwing, shouting, tremor, intense clamor. Our little girls begun to cry in rhythm but the adult was brave enough to endure. She’s the strongest among the three. But hidden inside, she’s suffering in intensity. The torment was never ending until one of the girls became near insane. She wanted to die, she done that many times not just once. But this time, she’s in doubt. She have a lot of questions bugging inside her little head, death, despair, chaos, what now?

Never did they know that our precious little girl is soon to be gone. Will it be now? It’s yet to be discovered. The anecdote of the antidote doesn’t have an ending yet, since the battle and journey is still roughly undone. We’ll see.

only 1 of its kinds…

Roses are red, violets are blue,

What the hell happened to you,

You thought violet can be blue?

Never in the world would it be true.

You’re friendly and I’m not,

You’re tacky and I’m freaking not,

How did you do that?

I hell sure won’t know.

Damn precious you are than anyone,

How can you be this cruel and not be mine,

I could die just to have you,

But I guess you’ll send your condolences if that would be true.

Girl, give me some love and I’ll show you the world,

Give me some chance and I’ll prove you my worth,

Give me some time and I’ll bestow you delight,

Please girl, I appeal to you to spare me some eye.

Are you done with your blabber?

Coz I have no time for this,

These are all false hopes you’re giving,

Coz you’re just about to catch me on a hook.

Oh boy, didn’t you know?

I’m branded as distinctive,

I am never your ordinary girl,

-For I am called, “Only one of its kinds.”